Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Summer Garden 2015

Gardening is one of my favorite things to do. It is definitely my passion! I love to do all kinds of yard work. To me gardening is therapy. There is something about going outside in nature and enjoying beautiful growth. Today I will be showing you what I've been doing in my garden this year and over the years.

     My Garden Bed:
   Back in May I posted my best garden soil mixture for my garden bed. I'm mostly happy with how well everything has been growing. Usually I have a huge harvest but, this year the weather has been crazy with too much rain and not enough sun. Finally in August the sun is shining everyday and I've been getting a ton of zucchini and other crops. 

 You may also notice in my soil picture that I have no rock. In July we got rock in our backyard which has been so great! No more endless weeds! 

      My Harvest:
     Some things I am growing in my garden this year are zucchini, radish, green onions, and snap peas. In a few weeks I should have some beets, spinach, and green beans. 


   Apple Trees:

    Last year my family bought some baby apple trees. I'm very happy that the apple trees are still alive and have new growth. Next year I should have some fresh apples! It takes about 3 years for apples to grow on an apple tree. I also used the same garden soil mixture for my apple trees that I used for my garden bed.

       Wheelbarrow Garden:
      When my family first moved to Colorado the previous homeowner had some old yellow wheelbarrows that they left behind. In July my dad spray painted the wheel barrows brown, drilled some holes, and my Grandpa and I planted some pretty flowers that are still growing. 

Bird Feeder and Bird House:
     Living in Colorado we get a lot of wildlife. From deer, to cayote, to pretty birds, and even an occasional bobcat! I love waking up to dozen of birds going inside the bird house and eating the bird seed. I got the bird feeder from Walmart and I painted some old bird houses with acrylic paint.    


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