Saturday, April 30, 2016

PB&J Thumbprint Breakfast Cookies

  You can never go wrong with the combo of peanut butter and jelly. It's just so good! Right?! These cookies are the perfect little bites to bring on the go for a busy morning. There packed with wholesome ingredients that make them healthy for breakfast. The only thing is...these cookies don't taste healthy at all! They're a fabulous breakfast treat or snack! 

PB&J Thumbprint Breakfast Cookies
Servings: Makes 16 cookies

1 cup quick rolled oats*
1 cup regular rolled oats*
2 overly ripe bananas, mashed 
truvia packets or 2 Tbs. coconut sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon
pinch of salt

1. In a food processor, pulse the oats until it makes a coarse meal. (You do NOT want to make it into a flour. Leave some oat pieces.) 

2. In a small mixing bowl combine oats, mashed bananas, flax, truvia, cinnamon, and salt. 

3. Make 16 balls using a tablespoon. Press each cookie in the middle using a teaspoon. Bake cookies for 10-12 min. 

4. Top each cookie with a heaping 1/4 tsp. blueberry preserves. 

5. Place peanut butter in a small ziploc bag. Cut tip and drizzle over cookies. Enjoy! 

* use gluten-free oats if desired.
Recipe source: ahappyharvest

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