Thursday, March 10, 2016

Homemade Wood Scratch Repair Polish

  We've had this coffee table since my parents were married. It has many scratches and dings from years of kids playing on it. I decided to give it a face lift. I couldn't be more exited to share with you how well this 2-ingredient polish works! Not only did I use it on dinged wood furniture but, on wood baseboards as well. I couldn't believe it. All the dings and scratches disappeared! Now the coffee table looks like new and the baseboards look nice and polished!

Homemade Wood Scratch Repair Polish

1/2 cup olive oil 
1/2 cup distilled white vinegar 

1. With a spoon, mix olive oil and vinegar in a small bowl.

2. Dip a kitchen rag in the mixture and rub until you have gone over the entire table/furniture. (You will have more mixture to use on other dinged wood projects.) 

3. Let mixture dry. Don't worry! The wood will soak in all the moisture. 

Tutorial source: domesticblisssquared

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