Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sweet Potato Stuffed Chili

  When you think of fall and comforting food you picture sweet potatoes and chili. Why not put it all together in one amazing dish?! This sweet potato stuffed chili is perfect for that cold windy day. It's savory, comforting, full of vitamins and minerals, and perfect for those fall taste buds!

Sweet Potato Stuffed Chili

1/2 cup spinach
1 sweet potato, cooked 
3/4 cup of your favorite chili
1/2 Tbs. nutritional yeast

1. Lay your bed of spinach of a plate. 

2. Cut the sweet potato in half. Lay the sweet potato on top of the spinach.

3. Put chili inside the sweet potato. Top with nutritional yeast and serve. 

Recipe source: ahappyharvest

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