Saturday, August 8, 2015

Italian Zucchini

Italian zucchini is one of my families favorite zucchini side dish! When we get zucchini from our garden it's what we usually make and zucchini bread. Sometime we even add mushrooms to give it more flavor and an added nutritional bonus. Italian zucchini is super easy to make, takes no time at all, and is a delicious way to get in your veggies!

Italian Zucchini 
Servings: 8

1/2 Tbs. olive oil
1 large zucchini
2/3 cup grape tomatoes
1 Tbs. dried basil 
1 Tbs. dried oregano 
1 tsp. dried garlic

1. In a large skillet heat olive oil. 

2. Meanwhile, chop succhini into slices. 

3. Cook the zucchini and tomatoes until tender. 

4. Add the dried basil, oregano, and garlic when veggies are cooked. 

Recipe source: ahappyharvest

 Zucchini, radish, green onion, and snap peas from the garden! 

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