Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gummy Bear Birthday Treat Bag

My little brother is turning 16 this week. 16!!! Ahhh! I remember when he was a little baby. What a cutie he was and still is! Watch out girls! My little brother loves gummy bears. I knew this was the perfect gift for him. Of course I had to get a little crafty to give this to him. I can't wait to see his face!

Gummy Bear Clip Art

Gummy Bear Birthday Treat Bag

You will need:
1 clear treat bag
gummy bears 
gummy bear clip art
(Have a "Beary" Happy Birthday!) typed paper made on Microsoft Word
Scrapbook paper 

1. Fill treat bag with gummy bears. Do Not fill to the top of bag. 

2. Copy gummy bear clip art and typed (Have a "Beary" Happy Birthday!) on word document. Then print. 

3. With scissors cut out gummy bear clip art and birthday saying according to the size of your scrapbook paper. 

4. With your adhesive paste the gummy bear clip art on one of side of scrapbook paper. 

5. With your adhesive paste the birthday saying on the other side of scrapbook paper. 

6. Staple you treat bag and scrapbook paper together. 

Tutorial Source: ahappyharvest

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