Monday, November 10, 2014

My Favorite Pedometer App

For my workouts I like to walk/run. I use this great pedometer app called "footsteps" on my iPod. It's a winner! Why do I like this pedometer app?

Footsteps Pedometer
(from the web)

My Favorite Pedometer App

First...It's accurate!
I've tried a couple of pedometer apps and some of them are not accurate. This one is. I gave this app a test for some proof. One day I did an exercise video that said how many calories are expected to burn and that is how many calories it said on the "footsteps app". 

Second...It's all included!
Some pedometers only count steps or calories. This app included steps, calories, miles, time, a pacer, average speed, workout history, and it can detect if you are running or walking. Oh, and one more thing...

Third...It has a custom workout playlist! 
On your "footsteps app" go to music and add your selected iPod songs to customize a workout playlist. Best of's unlimited. 

Fourth...It's cheap! 
A good pedometer is at least $15. This pedometer is free (that is if your max. workout is 6,000 steps) or $1.99 (if you plan to workout over 6,000 steps). Even if you don't get the free app it still is a deal. 

Notes: This app only works with ipod devices

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