Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Organizing the Pantry

Ever since I got back from my trip life has been a bit chaotic. Including the pantry. Now that things are coming together I decided it was time to organize the pantry. To organize the pantry I used empty jars, cereal containers, plastic bins, wire mesh baskets, and large tupperware containers. What a difference it made! 

    Empty Jars & Cereal Containers
I used jars to store grains, nuts, and seeds. I also used sterilite cereal containers from Target. 

    Plastic Bins & Wire Mesh Baskets
I used plastic pins from the Dollar Store to store baking items, packaged grains, dried fruit, herb tea, and gluten-free flour.
I also used wire mesh baskets from Hobby Lobby for snacks, potatoes, and you can also store onions.

       Large Tupperware Containers
I used large tupperware containers to store all purpose flour and sugar. These tupperware containers are from the tupperware company. We've had these cotainers for over 20 years! 

Now I can only hope to keep our family pantry organized! 

What do you use to organize your pantry? 

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