Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cranberry Pepita Trail Mix

Over the next couple of days I will be sharing with you some healthy (real) food to bring on a road trip/vacation. I was first introduced to this trail mix from a sweet-kale-vegetable-salad-kit-from-costco. This trail mix is crunchy, sweet, a little salty, and a delicious combination. I plan on having this trail mix as a snack, with lunch, or on a salad. Yum!

Cranberry Pepita Trail Mix

1/4 cup dried sweetened or unsweetened craisins (I used ocean spray sweetened craisins)
1/4 cup dry roasted pepitas (I used nature's harvest dry roasted lightly salted pepitas) 

1. In a small bowl combine craisins and pepitas. 

2. Using a quarter cup divide each serving into a small plastic ziplock bag.

Recipe Source: ahappyharvest

Nutrition Information:
155 calories * 5 grams fat * 0 mg. cholesterol * 32.5 mg. sodium * 18.5 grams carb * 2.5 grams fiber * 14.5 grams sugar * 4.5 grams protein 

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