Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Organizing Hair Items

When I wear hair items I through them in a bucket and have to search for them the next time I need something. I came up with some great tips to organize my hair items using a book ring, a plastic bag, a plastic box, and an empty floss container...what?...you'll see.

The Book Ring:
I put all of my ponytails on the book ring. This makes it a lot easier to put away and grab a ponytail. It is also a great way to bring ponytails when you travel. 

The Plastic Bag:
In the plastic bag I put all of my big hair items including headbands and hair accessories. Yes, I know I need more!

The Empty Floss Container:
Now I know what your thinking. Why would you use an empty floss container to store hair items?
 To store your bobby pins. I thought to myself why not, it fits perfectly. Pop out the floss roll and store your bobby pins. 

The Plastic Box:
Put all of your hair items in a plastic box. This includes your hair brush, your comb, your straightener or a hair dryer, and your hair items. Stay Organized! 

What are some of your favorite hair items?

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